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Iso Replacement Key Fob - Houston Or Online


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Hi d and welcome to the Lexus Owners Club.

Don't feel bad. The FOBs are designed to dissapear at any point during your ownership. This mysterious occurance happens wether there are children in the house or not. It happens to me usually when I'm running late and should have been on the road 15 minutes ago! LOL

Many members, including myself, have gotten excellent service and prices from Sewell Lexus in Dallas, TX. I needed a FOB (new proximity style) for a 2013 ES350. My dealer wanted over $300 for one. I went online and checked with Sewell. Their price was $160.!! I ordered the FOB from Sewell and it came in about 3 days.

Go to Sewellparts.com..You have to register to sign-in. At one point it will ask you if you belong to any Club or organization. Since you are now a member of the Lexus Owners Club check that line or enter LOC. I don't remember exactly how they ask for that. As a LOC member you will recieve a great discount on your purchase.


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I am new to the forum and thought I would comment on the key I purchased last year as a backup. It was at the Lexus dealership in Northern Ky--Rivercenter Lexus. It was an impulse buy when I was picking something else up but seemed like a good price compared to other keys I purchased in the past. it was for my 2001 Lexus LS 430 and cost $35.00.

Now a question. Can you program the new key yourself? I have since broke my main key and now have to use the new one. It works in the ignition but won't work as a remote for the doors and trunk.

Chief Wigam

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When the plastic casings for my ES330 keys broke, I ordered replacement keys which come without the electronic gut. You simply transfer the electronic part into the new casing. Now I have new keys that work everything.

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