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We had a 98 ES300 and recieved ,several years ago, a letter from Lexus about oil problems and the letter stated that they were extending the engine warrenty because of this. We traded the 300 in on a Toyota Sequoia and never persued the matter. Now a relative has a 2000 RX that started using oil and now has engine rattle that Dealer says may need up to $7000.00 in repairs, they say he will be responsible for 1/2 the cost of repairs because he cannot produce oil change reciepts for first year of ownership,power train warrenty not exceeded time or mileage.Is there oil related problems with the 6cylinder engines and how would any of you proceed on this issue. Thankyou.

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Where was the car serviced during the first year? Dealers keep permanent, computerized service records. And most independent repair shops keep copies of service receipts for 3-4 years. So it should be possible to track down the service records. On the other hand, if your relative did not have the oil changed at least every 6 months or 7,500 miles during the first year then your relatve must accept personal responsibility for the mechanical consequences (engine damage from oil sludging).

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Your engine develop a sludge. This is a costly repair. The heads will have to come off. I have some pictures of the engine and produres for this fix. It's somewhere in this forum. Good luck.


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oil sludge in all 2nd generation 1mz-fe engines


es 300

rx 300



i can't remember if anything else had the engine

talk to lexus head office and see if they will cover more than half.

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