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Check Engine Light Help

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Here's a dumb question from a broad, I have a 2003 RX300 with 20K on it and on my way home the check engine light came on along with a couple of other lights on the left side for anti-skid and the Trac off light. Having been a victim of the oil sludge issue with my 97 ES300 I am rather jumpy about lights on my dash. I stopped and checked the book to make sure I could still drive it to the dealership which was closed when I got there.

I gotta go to a short meeting early in the am and was wondering if driving it another 20 miles would hurt it before I could it in to the dealership?



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I am sure i posted this a few times in a few places

but a check engine light is meaningless unless you get a code to ask the other members. It has a few thousand possibilities. It could be nothing or mean your going to loose the engine. Unless it is read there is nothing anyone can tell you that is going to be concreate besides drive it or don;t drive it.

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