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Removing Rear Taillight Assembly To Replace Burned

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I have a 1999 LX470 with a burned out taillight bulb. I have removed the two screws that seem to hold the taillight assembly to the car(not the tailgate assembly). I can move the assembly out about two inches, but cannot remove it or move it out any further to get my hands in to remove the bulb. What is the trick to replacing the burned out bulbs in the assembly without having to take it to the shop for service.


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For taillights on the rear tailgate refer to this post:

From memory of doing this... If this does not work reply and I will go and talke a look to refresh my memory.

For taillights in the frame of the car you need to remove the screws to the (2 if I remember correctly) lightcover inside the frame of the LX 470 ( area covered when the rear hatch and tailgate are closed) and pull the light off sideways not directly out from the frame of the car.

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thanks for your reply this is exactly how it to remove the assembly went to autozone and the employee removed it within less than a minute, the dealership wanted to charge me a half hour labor to replace the bulb needless to say they have dropped a notch in my good graces, the dealership would not even tell me how to do this and I was out of town when I noticed the bulb was burned out and wanted to try to fix it so I would not get pulled over.

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