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Rebuilding Brake Capipers On 91 Ls 400

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  • 2 months later...

LS400 brakes are so easy. I was told my calipers were sticking as well. The four hundred dollar job they estimated cost me a little over forty dollars.

The Calipers themselves have two pins that are covered in a rippled rubber piece. Underneath that rubber piece is usually thick grease that keeps them sliding easily. I found that 2 of the total 8 pins in my 1990 ls400 were dried out and full of crud. THe trusty mechs at the hobby shop explained that those pins slide in and out when you release and step on the brakes. So when they dry out they do not completely release. When they do not release they cause the brake pads to stick more on one than the other against your rotor, and that causes a sticking caliper. I pulled the pins out. cleaned the insides out with a round- ended wire brush. Cleaned the pin itlself and then added a pretty good coat of grease and re-inserted them into the holes.

Before all of this I had personally had to cut my rotors a total of three times in less than a year because I kept getting the same pedal vibrating and warping rotors. Ever since I did the pin cleaning and re greasing my brakes have never felt better. I am going to look for pictures to add to this to show you exactly what I am talking about. The pins are inside the rubber pieces that I highlighted in blue in the picture

I hope this helps out...




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Excellent suggestion. Apparently this is a pretty commmon problem with older Lexus calipers. When I first had my Lexus, my right rear caliper was sticking. I could tell because I felt the heat when I put my hand on the rim and it was a lot hotter than the others. I replaced the caliper with an exact copy for under $90 and it fixed the problem. Had I read your post first, I would still have that $90.

Maybe if you get a chance you could describe how you pulled the pins. I will add that I was surprized at how easy Lexus brakes are to work on, perhaps the easiest of all cars. Kind of burns me how much the dealers want to fix them. They quoted me over $700.


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Fisrt of all thanks for the compliments. I love all the advice I get here and it feels good to finally get to help someone else out.

Ok, as far as the pins are concerned it works like this. The rubber piece I highlighted holds a long stainless steel pin inside. Just pull on it after you unscrew the caliper. The pin I am talking about is hollow inside with grooves and actually houses the screw that holds the caliper together. Just pull it out slowly making sure not to rip the rubber lip. The two pins of mine that were dirty and stuck were tough to take out at first due to the many years of dry crud keeping them from sliding freely.

Another thing. Make sure not to iverdue it with the grease so that you do not create air pockets when re-inserting the pin. You will be able to tell if there is air inside because the rubber lip will expand when you put the pin back.

Well I hope that answers your question Benny..

Let me know how it worked out for you James...


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