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Speaking Of Headlights...

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Ah, I remember driving on 2 lane Highway 138 from Lancaster to Lebec, California in the early morning 1998. Every third or fourth car would have one headlight shining in my face-or checking for snipers in the trees along the side of the roadway. If not both. I cursed that California, the most highly regulated and taxed state in the universe, had smog inspections, but no vehicle inspections. I laughed, because, having grown up in Massachusetts, I knew that they were lucky, since Mass has both smog and vehicle inspections. I remember handing an extra twenty to an inspector to get my 1972 Chevy Emission King truck passed in 1988. Thank goodness for greed. However, Nevada also does not have vehicle inspections, so now I have a related question.

I've installed new headlights in the 1994 LS400. The lights don't shine evenly-one shines higher than the other. I didn't change the height-rather the used car salesman told me that "The passenger side should always be higher than the driver's side." I figured he was full of crap-but since I'd still rather deal with a used car salesman than a new car salesman-I mean, what is a "Desert Protection Package?'-I let the statement ride. So my question is-There always was a line on the wall in the inspection station in Taxachusetts that the fellow said meant that the headlights were off and needed adjustment-for an extra ten spot or so.

What is the height of the line? How far from the line for the Lexus? Thanks in advance for your expert response.

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I believe it's 22inches, but don't quote me on it.

I believe your car was in an accident before, hence the reason why one light is generally higher than the other. Some of my friends have mentioned the left side light is supposed to be a tad higher than the right (some Federal Reg, might be at work), but I feel they should be equal.

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