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I'm going to purchase a new es330. It's for my wife. I drove the car and I felt that the steering was loose, another words I didn't feel the weight of the car. (I'm trying to explain it the best I can. You can steer the car with one finger. I have a infiniti G35 coup and the old car was a 2001 Honda Accord. On these cars I feel the weight of the car. Ok, The dealer stated, " that's the type of steering on the es. floating" Is this normal for this car.

I also felt a little hesitation, between 0 to 5mph, only on slow pickup. electric throttle, That with I was told.

I drive it for 15 minute and the steering and the hesitation I can live with it, Because I the only one feels ihestitation. Not my wife.

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You're feeling the difference between cars that are designed to be sporty (The Accord and the G35) and a car that doesn't have a sporty bone in its body (the ES). It is normal.

The hesitation is also normal on Lexuses because of their electronic throttle by wire system.

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