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Rough Transmission?

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Has anybody ever had any problems with transmission on the LX-470?

I have a 2002 and find it to be very 'jerky' between up and down shifts, sometimes it seems to get confused at very low speeds around a parking lot for example, and under load it also jerks forward on each change. I had a 2001 LX-470 previously (both these cars were bought brand new) and it was fine.

Lexus tell me they can see what I'm talking about, but feel that it's within tolerance, I don't believe it is, and I'm real unhappy about spending over $60k on a car that changes like a 100,000 mile dodge.

Appreciate any feedback


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Lexus tell me.....

Do you mean your local dealer or Lexus Motors?

If the former, tell them you are unhappy with their diagnosis and get Lexus Motors involved and/or try another dealer.

I used to find my 2000 4 speeder used to do something like that. Finer gas pedal application and anticipation was the answer.

I have the 5 speeder for over a year now and whilst no use to you, the gearbox has transformed the whol car.

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