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  1. There is a Tech story on Bleeding Brakes (maybe another Forum?). Guarantedd you have Air still in the system. The Front bleed valves are very coarse and it is so easy to undo them too far so that as you bleed the fluid out it squirts out of the valve but as you release the brake pedal Air can leak back in around the sides. Been there, done it and still have the 6 bottles of ever so little used brake fluid to remind me of that little episode.
  2. But not the roof? Guess you are using something within arms reach on the body that is causing the problem, hence the roof is not affected.
  3. Find a long straight, get up a good high speed and brake hard. Repeat a few times. See if that cures it. (Removes build up of dust and other grime from the pads and the rotors)
  4. Got 31,000 miles out of the last set of Pads. Only changed them as the Fluid was due for Replacement and they still had a good amount of material left. Rotors are skimmed at Pad replacement to remove the grooves that have been created by the old Pads. The new Pads will not work too well without a matching surface. Rotors warp due to the difference in Heat dissapation. Worse thing to do it to keep your brakes applied when stopped after a bout of heavy braking. The heat is retained under the Pads causing warping as the rest of the rotor cools down. Remember, if you never use your brakes, th
  5. The System will default to LOW when a system malfunction occurs or the weight exceeds the Maximum weight. At or close to Maximum Weight the system will sometimes moce to Low when threshold temps arer detected in the system. Pulling over and letting the system cool will reenable the Height to Normal. All this info is in the Manual. I find that with 6 adults on board the system goes to Low after about 40 miles of Highway driving.
  6. I firmly believe that Lexus "slug" the engine for the first 5,000 miles. Now on my 2nd Lx470 and both have provided extra oomph after the 5,000 mile service. I'm now at 35,000 miles and I have no complaints Performance or otherwise. Context: Other Cars i own include a Mercedes E55 AMG.
  7. Read the Manual further, the OFF is overridden by the vehicle speed pre-determined settings. High will drop to Normal at predetermined speed and Low will riase to Normal at predetermined speed. You can by engaging Low Ratio raise the speed at which the auto height changes happens.
  8. The AHC does not operate above pre determined (lowish) speeds, so you could not do it anyways.
  9. changing the pads is so easy. The Brake Fluid resovior is so big that you do not need to remove any of the fluid. Take the Wheel off. Lever back the pad prior to taking it off. Remove the spring clips holding the Pins in place. Slide the two Pins out. Remove the old pad. Insert the new pad. Put the pins back in. Put the springs back on. check the pads move and return when brake pedal pushed. Replace wheel. Repeat another 3 times.
  10. Here in Australia they come with 17inch Wheels fitted with Dunlop Grandtrek AT22's as standard.
  11. Just order them from a UK dealer. The lx470 is known in the UK as the Land Cruiser Amazon, look up find a dealer and contact them to see how much and to ship over to you.
  12. The next LX will be the LX550, a 5.5 litre engine, based on a new ladderframe chassis and available in Japan in 2007. Test builds will start in 2006. The underpinnings will be the new Landcruiser, but the Landcruiser will have a VVTi 4.7 Petrol or a V8 Twin Turbo Diesel.
  13. In Australia the LX470 and the GX470 come standard with Dunlop Grandtrek AT22 and AT20 respectively. Recommended for 70% on road and 30% off road the AT22 wear a lot better and ride and handle much better than the previous Grandtreks (no suffix) fitted to the 2002 LX470. I got < 40,000 kms from the previous 2002 Grandtreks and had the rear brake pads changed at the 40,000 kms Service. Currently have just over 50,000 kms on the current Grandtreks AT22s and had the rear brake pads changed at the 40,000 kms service. Sydney, Australia roads are smaller and have a lot more turns. No freewa
  14. Dealer can adjust as it is part of the C-Body system.
  15. AIR suspension Who told you THAT Whats the big container under the hood thats full of Hydraulic Suspension fluid for. When you check, make sure you are out of the LX and raise and lower the suspension before you measure. The self levelling takes a time to sort itself out, also if you turn the engine off and then get out of the LX the suspension settles and rises.
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