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Piaa 90 Pro Xt Dual Lamp System Fog Lights?


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Has anyone installed PIAA 90 PRO XT DUAL LAMP SYSTEM FOG LIGHTS on their LX470?

I have some ordered and plan to install the PIAA 90 PRO XT lamps on a WAAG Grille Guard that is on the LX470. I am looking for ideas on wiring ... and where to put the control switch for the lights. There is an unused switch spot in the center console below the stereo between the rear fan and rear window defroster buttons?

Thanks in advance for posting your experience and ideas. :D

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I now have these installed and operational. They are large but VERY POWERFUL. The fog lights open a much wider view than the normal low beams do and the pencil beams are unbelievable. No more problems driving at night through the counrty down east :D :cheers: .

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Per the request ... attached are some pictures of the PIAA 90 PRO XT Dual Lights on a WAAG Brush Bar on my 99 LX470. I also included a picture of the Center Console where I had the PIAA light control switch installed.


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