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  1. The clunking is probably the drive shaft not being greased up. I am totally lost on what it could be wrong. Your best bet is to have it towed to a mechanic or Lexus dealer to diagnose the problem. -Robert
  2. I'm not a mechanic so I'm sort of stumped on this. What would make sense in my mind is that the transmission is broken, and the engine knows that so when you put it into gear, the engine shuts if self off to prevent further damage. No error or warning lights are popping up in the cluster? -Robert
  3. I beleive Stoptech makes a big brake kit for the LX, but youll need to have 18"+ rims for them to clear. Too bad my '99 only has 16" rims :( -Robert
  4. From what I've heard it could be the accumulators going bad. Those cost a ton to fix. Hopefully that isn't the case and there is easy fix. -Robert
  5. I've also gone about 33-34k with my brake pads. They were almost gone and made the squealing sound but my mom kept on saying it was fine and okay. Eventually the squealing turned into grinding and there went my rotors. The lesson I took from that was to never let my mom make decisions about anything related to cars. I plan on install DBA slotted/drilled rotors when funds are more available (in 3 weeks!!!). As for brake pads, I'll stay with the stock toyota pads for now. I hear that the TRD pads squeal more since they are harder. -Robert
  6. Does it sound like metal rattling? It could be loose heat sheild on the catalytic converters. I have the same on mine, but it only rattles at 1800rpm. What you can do is have it spot welded so the peices of the sheild dont vibrate against each other or do what I did and just take a screwdriver and bend the metal just a bit so they wont hit each other to make the noise. -Robert
  7. How does it die? Does it just turn off as if you were turning the key to off? or was it more of a choking to death dying? Do you hear anything from the transmission when you put it into gear? -Robert
  8. It costs me around $50 to fill up and I'll get around 300 if I'm lucky. I think something is wrong since what would average to about 12mpg. -Robert
  9. I believe that is under the basic warranty which lasts 48 months or 50,000 miles (which ever comes first). -Robert
  10. You should be careful with aftermarket wheels with the LX. I heard that the landcruisers (don't remember which series) have a tapered area on the hub and wheel so they fit together in a way where the hubs help bare the weight of the car. Aftermarket wheels will fit, but the lug nuts and stuff bare all the weight. -Robert
  11. Good to hear it turned out good. The LX may be lacking in HP at times, but it makes up for it in torque ;) -Robert
  12. From what I've heard, synthetic oils will clean up the engine a bit. That means there were already leaks in your engine but carbon was keeping it clogged up. Once you added the mobil 1, it washed that out and now oil can leak out to be burned. -Robert
  13. thats exactly what i was looking for, thanks!! next question....does the OEM tow package have this "sway control device"? if so what is it and where can i get it? regards, terry I have no idea what a sway device is :P I would also like to know if anyone else has an answer. -Robert
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