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Greetings fellow Lexus owners.

I am putting out this S.O.S. in the hopes that someone out there can share some insight or experience with what has become an absolute nightmare.

I own a Lexus IS250, bought new, 2008 model. A wonderful vehicle...until:

I left front windows open halfway and it rained that night...seats damp, mats damp, but dried out next day, which was sunny and breezy.

4 days later, out of state on business, went to start car....many warning lights on, including "brake". Had car towed to nearest dealership.

Dx: water damage, replacement of wire harnesses, took over 2 weeks to repair, to tune of $11,000!!!!

Picked up car, drove 15 miles. Rained overnite (YES, all windows were closed!)and floor mats soaked. Water poured from dash are and visor when I went to drive car back to dealer.

Dealer "fixed" car....said moon roof channels "clogged". Next day headed back to Phila, and car drove fine for 3 hrs, but would NOT start after 10 minute rest area visit. Towed to nearest dealer(yet another state!)

Now I am told that NO ONE can figure out problem. I am extremely frustrated, to say the least. (Mechanic even suggested that I might not feel safe driving this vehicle again, even if problem is found/fixed!!) Want to contact Lexus USA...any advice out there? $11,000 spent, car no longer drivable, 2 dealerships tossing around "hot potato" situation....Help!!!

Thanks, Didi

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