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Blinking Ac Light

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Hey Guys, I want to replace my magnetic clutch relay fuse in an atttempt to correct my AC issue based upon some recommendation from this forum. I am totally inept when it come to mechnical problem solving. I've located the fuse and tried to remove it but I'm simply afraid to really try because I do not want to make things worst than what they are. Can someone please tell me what is the best way to remove this fuse?

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Here is your previous thread about your A/C problem:

It's better to keep all the posts regarding a problem with one thread rather than to start new ones for questions about the same problem.

In your previous A/C thread, you said that your A/C was losing its refrigerant every 3 to 4 weeks. I don't understand how replacing a fuse can solve your A/C's leak problem. As I said your other thread, you need a competent mechanic to add dye to your A/C's refrigerant and check for leaks using a black light. That is the standard procedure. It should be easy to find a leak as severe as yours.

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