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Touch Screen / Computer / Stereo Dead

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Hi - on my way home from work tonight, the bluetooth, display/ touchscreen and then the radio all kind of fizzed out and it's now completely dead. No battery monitor, no climate controls, no radio. Anyone else have this issue in their 2006 RX400h?


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Some IS owners have had this issue. One person replied,

My dealer had me call a 1800 number of lexus, and after talking to them they said they'd pay for a new screen (apparently that is all that needed to be fixed) and all i had to pay was an hour of labor at the dealer to get it switched out.

You might want to persue this route, first.

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Okay, we just unplugged the main battery for a minute and plugged it back in and now everything seems to be working again (except the cd player - which was broken before stuck on "error 4")

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