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2000 Gs 300 Throttle Problems

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I am new to the club and need help! I have a 2000 GS 300 with the in-line six engine. A problem has developed where the car will start and drive normally, but when turned off and sits for about an hour, the throttle will not accelerate the car. However, if you press the throttle pedal hard to the floor, the engine will accelerate. When this happens the check engine, VSC and VSC off lights come on. The dealer has replaced the throttle pedal proximity sensor, no change. Then the throttle body was removed and cleaned and all terminal and vacuum tube replaced, no change. Then the throttle body was replaced, no change. Has anyone out there experienced the same thing and found the solution. Thanks

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Did the Lexus dealer charge you for the repairs that did not fix the problem? It sounds like a bad TPS - throttle position sensor - but your problem should be easy for a competent mechanic to diagnose.

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I had the same response once on my GS400. No throttle action except at fully depressed. That's the limp-home mode on these engines. It cured itself after about four re-starts, but had stored a code that the dealer said was the computer condemning itself. They believed it to be an anomaly, and another tech I know thought that it was a voltage surge from the alternator that caused all of the sensors to behave out of range. It never came back, and only the code was cleared.

So I would suspect an ECU problem, or something causing the limp-home mode.

Sorry I can't offer more.

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