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Fog Lamp & Interior Lamp Replacment Bulbs


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I cannot recommend anywhere locally as your profile doesn't say where you are but any good local automotive shop should be able to supply the parts you need,there's nothing special about them or if you want mail order try looking on

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Where can I purchase these two replacement lamps? I would prefer to buy them both from the same source (to save on shipping cost). Thanks in advance:

- Interior Dome Light: 3022 (31mm Festoon)

- Fog Lights: H3C

You may have a hard time finding the H3c fog lamp bulbs for a reasonable cost. I believe that there is a solution to using the the single lead bulbs (H3 instead of H3C) on LexLS website - I followed the fix and am happy to say that for only about $5 or $6 bucks my fogs are now alive!

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Back when I had my 92 LS the only place I could find both of these bulbs was a Lexus dealership. The dome light bulbs never seemed to last particularly long- I usually ended up having to change it about twice a year. They were very inexpensive though- usually just a few dollars.

I think I paid about $30 for a replacement fog light bulb. If you don't have a Lexus dealership in your area, I'm sure you could order both bulbs online from Sewell Lexus. With your forum name discount, the prices would likely be less than these figures.

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