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Ac And Idle

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i noticed my idle has been a little rough when sitting at a light. the normal hot range of 500 rpms. i noticed yesteday that it is due to the ac being on. when i turn the ac on it spikes 100rpms and drops back to normal and the idle is rough like an evap leak. it doesnt sputte/jump like bad gas. turn the ac off it spikes and drops back to normal and runs smooth. is this an accesory belt issue or more a part issue?

the higher the fan speed the more rough the idle but it remains at 500rpms

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not sure about the '02 es, but earlier models have an AC idle up valve on the throttle body that senses when the ac is on and pushes idle up. if this is bad, tends to run roughly at idle w/ the ac on.

but you mention normal idle for you is 500 rpm, and this seems a bit low, and that may be part of your problem as well.

lets hear from some 02 gen es peeps, since I'm most familiar with the 94-96 mark


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