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Ticking Noise Under Valve Cover


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Hey Guys,

I have a ticking coming from under the valve cover on the driver’s side of my car. It first started to show up a few winters ago but would go away when it warmed up in the spring. Then as it went on it would start showing up more and more and is now to the point where it is a constant ticking. You can hear it at idle with the windows down or when you are outside the car. While driving you can hear it especially loud while accelerating or just driving at slower speeds when wind noise isn't as loud.

I did a little investigating and the noise is definitely coming from the front of the driver’s side valve cover. You can also feel the ticking in both the valve cover and the plastic cover over the distributor.

After some reading on here I’ve seen quite a few people saying it’s the valves needing new shims and that it can be quite pricy to have done.

Just wondering if I could get any more input on what you all think it could be and what should be done. Just so everyone knows it’s a '90 LS with 170,000 on it. I run Valvoline’s high mileage oil and change it every 2500 miles to be on the safe side.

Thanks for the help

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Steve thanks for the reply. I found out today the hard way that the ticking noise I was hearing was the beginning stages of my timing belt splitting in two pieces and hitting the plastic timing cover on the drivers side. The whole thing broke today and in the process ripped up my 2 week old spark plug wires and distributor cover. Just the surprise I wanted only a little over 3 years and 30,000 miles after having the belt and pump replaced the first time.

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You should get the dealer to do all the work including replacing the other related damage to the spark plug wires free of charge,the parts should have lasted longer than they have,be interesting to know what has caused its early demise.

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