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Guide Lines On Rear View Camera

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I have an '08 400h and to my knowledge, there are no "guide lines" for the rear view camera. If there are, I've been clueless for 3.5 years. :unsure:

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I really hope there are no guidelines. I don't want to admit I'm so stupid that I didn't know guidelines were there.

I have a 2007 RX400h and just figrued out how allow the GPS to let me cross the Skyway Bridge instead of telling me to drive 40 miles out of the way through Tampa. The Skyway Bridge is a toll road and you have to instruct the GPS to allow Toll Roads. DUH!!!


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I drove a BMW X5 with this feature, it helps a lot while parking. It shows where you go as turn the steering.

I had a friend from UK and he mentioned their Lexus has this feature. It seems the North American version hasn't it. I found the first picture from Lexus service manual which shows the lines in rear camera screen.

May be an update could do that. I want to ask everybody to bugging Lexus dealer to find this upgrade.

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This feature isn't available for Rx's sold in the US... Some European and South American Rx's come from the factory with the ability to display these lines, but ours cannot. :(

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