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  1. Before poking around using the old "wet finger test", why not try calling your dealer and tell them what you just explained. Most dealers are pretty nice folks and might be able to at least give you a starting point.Paul Ok , I'll do that. Thanks
  2. I tried my own and some others Nav CDs but none of them make it working. I checked other people with same problem get result when they load a Firmware CD.
  3. Hi All, My navigation stopped working after plugin a charger to the dead battery. I got "A program cannot be read. Please consult to a dealer." I found in web sites, that the firmware on my navigation unit is gone. Replaced my cd with couple of different cd's but no luck. Is any body know how or where I can find Firmware CD? RX400h Thanks
  4. replaced the unit with similar one from friend's car and it start working. so I think I had to buy new one. My P/N is 86841-48030. Found chippest one from Prius with P/N 86841-47040 for 270$. Any body knows if they compatible?
  5. Ok, took apart the unit, checked all diodes and resistors on the board, seems all ok. So the surge voltage should have passed protection circuit and get to the processor. I'm going to take my friends navigation unit and put it in mine to see if it start working then I e sure problem is this unit. I wished I had the circuit diagram of the unit t diagnose it.
  6. Fuses are all ok, I did the diagnostic check and NAVI returned NRES, It did the same result in LAN Check as well. meaning: The device responds in diagnostic mode, but gives no DTC information. ACTION: Check power supply wire harness of the device. Check the AVC-LAN of the device. As per repair manual. I'm going to open up the navigation ECU and see what's going on there. My guess is the unit fried.
  7. Calender and maintenance menus in INFO menu shows "A program cannot be read. Please consult with a dealer"as well!
  8. Disconnect the battery doesn't help. I checked the health of ECUs with techstream. Didn't get any faulty unit. The only point I noticed , techstream didn't show center console display! Any idea? Thanks
  9. Hi all, I charged my 12v battery while it was connected to car. Unfortunately the main switch was ON and high load made charge to be crazy for couple of seconds. An hour later, everything was ok other than GPS screen says "A program cannot be read. Please consult with a dealer". Anybody had such problem? Please let me know if you have any comments. Thanks
  10. Is there any way to check the battery of tpms? Does it possible to find which one not transmitting? I could take the sensor out of tire but I need to know which one. Any idea if I take it out I can replace battery or I need to buy a new one? Thanks
  11. Hi, The TPMS sign appeared couple of days agoon my 2007 RX400h. I checked tire pressures , all was 32, even spare tire. I triedto initialize but after 3 blink of TPMS warning, the checkingsystem showed in the cluster. The Main or 2nd set , non change thesituation. Any idea how I can clear this messagefrom my cluster? Thanks
  12. I know RX400h has around 1.3KWh of energy storage (battery) comparing to Volt (16KWh). The reason I asked is that, I have 85kmiles on my car and wonder if the batteries working fine or they need to be replaced? Comparing to Sash car with 31kmiles , I have same mileage, so Toyota is cleaver to keep the batteries OK till end of warranty I think. I hope to see other people's experience in this regards. Thanks
  13. Did anybody experience pure electric drive? What kind of range did you get? I'm getting 2 miles drive on battery in bumper to bumper traffic (15 minute, no AC or heater) until engine starts charging the batteries. This is after driving in HWY for 10 miles. Is this logical? just 2 miles? Thanks RX400h-2007-80Kmile
  14. I have 2007 RX400h. I burned couple of audio DVDs with nero. I used jukebox audio DVD, but I just got "No music" comment on screen! I burned Data DVD with MP3 files , It didn't read it as well. What options did you set on nero to burn the audio dvd? thanks
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