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Brake Issue


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I've been highway driving my 90 LS lately. Took it up to DC 2 weeks ago and up to Jersey last weekend. The brakes began acting weird while in NJ and on the trip back I started hearing noise. I made it back to Virginia Beach but by the time I arrived the noise was terrible. Next Day I disassembled the passenger side caliper and found the bottom pin was stuck. Way stuck and it took my 15 minutes to finally remove. It looked as if moisture had gotten into the pin and it was really stuck. I cleaned the pin up with fine sandpaper and lubed it with high temp bearing grease. I then did all the other pins and replace the pads as the inboard pad on the passenger side was into the metal on the stuck pin side.

All is well now and the brakes now work better than ever. Still after all these years, this is the best car I have ever driven. I kind of save it for highway trips now and use a driver for work back and forth.

As has often been suggested (and I ignored because they seemed fine), it is a good idea to lube these when you do pads. Peel back the boot and they slide out. The boot snaps back in place by itself on install.

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I had the same problem with my rear caliper whilst servicing the brakes,as you say getting the seized pin out is a real pain.

The caliper pins are available from dealers for around $10.00 each,there should also be a rubber bush on the rear upper pins and on both pins on the front calipers,note there are then 2 different types of bushes on the front pins.

I have just replaced these bushes on the front calipers in an effort to cure the knocking noise I had when slow cornering with the brakes applied,time will tell if this sorts the problem as up to now all is OK.


Note the 2 types of bushes used on the front pins

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