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Will Supra Side Marker Lights Fit On My Sc?


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Okaay i need help with something i have the regular amber color marker lights on my front bumper and i want clear ones or blak housing ones..the only ones ive found that say its for a SC are $140 for 2 and thats crazy and i dont even like them!..i found sum front bumper marker lights for a Supra on Ebay and they look almost the exact same to me! and i see no reason they wouldnt work..and the supra ones are REALLY nice and what i really want and very cheap compared to the other..i sent the seller a message and asked if they would fit and he said no but i really think they will..any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

Here is the link of the Supra marker lights i want:

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I don't believe they will fit, ask the seller for measurement on the supra side markers to see if they will fit the Sc. I would just do this process.

Thanks for the reply! i just sent the seller that question but doubtful they will respond lol.

That DIY looks VERY time consuming but a fun project! Thank you!

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