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Radio, Clock, And Power Mirrors & Other Things That Don't Work

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Just took ownership of a 97 ES300 yesterday (only 60K miles).

I knew the power mirror button wasn't working, nor the clock in the dash, but figured I could handle those in the 'whenever' time frame. But first, might this/these be a simple fuse problem?

As for the radio, worked on the test drive, worked all the way home after getting the car, and worked all the way home from work last night.

Got in the car this morning and poof, audio cuts out after 2 seconds or so every time I turn the radio on. Display still shows, just no sound.

Loose wire/connection? Dying fuse? Or costly radio replacement??

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First of all ... have you checked all the fuses in both fuse boxes? ... under the dash and in the engine compartment. On many/most Toyota vehicles there is a Radio 1 fuse and a Radio 2 fuse. I don't remember which is where but one is in the fuse box under the hood and the other in the fuse box under the dash. When one is out (I forget which one) the radio display still works but there is no sound.

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