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Squeaky Gps Bezel

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I have an '01 LS430 and recently the bezel around my GPS started squeaking. It doesnt happen all of the time, just when going over bumps or around corners where there is torsion on the GPS/bezel. Any ideas / recommendations for how to fix this.

Is it an easy fix, if so what is the process (if you know of a step by step that would be great). I have heard about a hook tool and have no idea what that is. Any help would be much appreciated.


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I think there is some kind of gasket or pad surrounding the bezel; if it dries out it will squeek. Does it happen more in dry weather?

You could try removing the whole assembly and cleaning/lubricating the gaskets it but it's a rather involved process; you have to remove all the wood trim bits below; the CD player, the stereo, and the two climate control buttons to get to the bolts holding it in (10mm bolts btw). I think someone else on the forum had a similar problem and was able to solve it; a search might turn up that post.

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