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Gx470 - Power Outlet - 12 Volt

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My 2005 GX470 poweroutlet loses power when the ignition key is removed. Can this limitation be fixed? For example, I would like to keep my cell phone charging when I am not in the car.

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I'm surprised someone would need or want to charge a phone while their car's ignition is shut off. These days most phones charge up super-fast when connected to DC power. Is your DC phone charger good and have adequate power to charge your phone. Some aftermarket mini-USB chargers provide only 500mA of charging power instead of the 1000mA provided by OEM and better aftermarket mini-USB chargers. Is your phone battery OK?

If you really want to charge your phone while your ignition is off, it would probably be easier and safer to add an additional power outlet that is connected to an always-hot power source than to muck with the OEM wiring.

My cell phone charging cradle is wired to both a switched power source and an always-hot power. Although I installed the phone kit and charging cradle myself, I wasn't in the mood to wiggle around under the dash so I had an audio system installer connect my phone kit's power wires to the car's electrical harness. It took him only about 10 minutes and my understanding is that he connected both phone kit wires to wires at the ignition switch -- one wire on the Accessory circuit leading from the ignition switch and the other wire connected to a constant 12V source leading to the ignition switch.

Or maybe there is an always hot source in the under dash fuse box. Add-A-Circuit or "piggyback" connectors (photo attached) are designed for powering accessories from a fuse.

You can get a 12V extension code (photo attached) for a few bucks from a discount store if you want to power your phone charger that way. I used one to power my portable GPS - chopped the power plug off the extension cord and spliced it into the accessory power port circuit.

I recently saw a photo of a cool set up where a person had installed a mini-USB port with a flip-up cover in a Lexus center console next to the gear shift. It took some drilling but it looked nice.

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