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Cd Player Missing Feature?

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I just got a new 2011 RX450H w/NAV and cannot figure out how to set the CD player to randomly play from all 6 CDs. When I set it to random play, it only works for the CD currently playing.

Am I missing something? My 2002 Tundra had this feature. My 2008 Prius w/NAV has this feature.

Doesn't a 2011 Lexus RX450H w/NAV have this feature???

I also posted this on the Hybrid forum...

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From your navigation manual:

"Playing the tracks on all the audio discs

in random order —

Select “RAND” for longer than a second

while the disc is playing. “D.RAND” appears

on the screen. The system selects

a track on all the audio discs in the changer

in random order. To cancel it, select

“RAND” once again."

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Thanks Jim, it took me a minute to see where on the screen it shows D.RAND. On the other Toyota products the indicator was near the function "button." For this system the indication is at the top of the screen (the "button" is on the bottom.)

I can see it's going to take a little while to learn all the nuances of this newer system. :)

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