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Paint Protection Film

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When I purchased my 2008 Pebble Beach ES new from the dealer I had them install paint protection film on the front of the car, outside mirrors and side rocker panels. The product works great but shows the wax between the film and the painted surface. If I try to removing the wax too close to the line I peel the edge of the film away.But if I don't remove all the wax, it leaves a noticible line. Anybody got a solution?

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Mine has been on for 36 months or so, and I do wax it or it gets yellow (my car is white). I always take a q-tip with a little goo-gone and run it along the edge gently and it removes the wax and or dirt line. Then I wipe it off with water. I have to be honest, it would make me nervous if an edge was coming up; that really shouldn't happen. It should be on there so good that it almost takes the paint with it if you try to remove it.

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Actually quite the opposite...too shiny.

In my opinion Zaino gives a "plasticky" shine to the paint that robs it of its depth and luster, as do most other sealants.

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