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  2. So HHI Lexus calls and says "you have a sealed transmission so we will not service it." Right. Then they say I need a fuel system flush and an AC refresh. My moonroof also leaks a bit too much and they say I need a new seal. So, I told them to do none of it and picked the car up. I bought some rubber lube for the moonroof seal. I will either just drive on or if they offer the 2015 Camry Hybrid in white with solid black interior I might just be tempted by that....and I can tell you having a Lexus Platinum warranty is nothing like having a Lexus factory warranty.......nothing.
  3. Stupid question, but, does it really do much? Meaning, how much really is replaced and how much is mixed with the old? Sidebar - there is a 2008 RX 400h for sale near me with 22,249 miles!
  4. Well..based on this an another thread I asked my Lexus dealer about a drain/fill on my transmission. They said it does not need changed, ever. So... I called Hilton Head Lexus where I will be next week (nicest dealer/building I've ever seen for Lexus). They also said it is not needed. They then said "but we do them all the time - it is $157 out the door." So I will have this done on vacay next week. Then I should be good go 150k (I hope).
  5. Hi Thunder. Sorry to hear about your issues. There are many opinions about the transmission fluid in the ES; many from folks much more knowledgable than me. If you read the owners manual you notice the system is sealed and does not require changing or flushing - ever. I is blasphemous! Anyway, my Lexus dealer pretty much refused to touch mine and said if they did it would not actually change all of the fluid anyway. I cannot imagine Lexus would call this a sealed transmission and recommend against touching it if it would not last a long long time. It makes no sense to me, but I ha
  6. Congrats on the new CPO Gap. You are so right about car loans......I took my first loan on the Lexus because of the low interest rate.....and paid it off in 16 payments because I did not like the feeling - never again.
  7. Well, here we are a year and a half since my last post. The ES is going to flip 100K miles today. I cannot believe it - still very happy with the car and in mild shock that I have not replaced it. I will answer my own question about the Michelin Defenders - do not buy them; the Michelin Primacy MXV4 is definitely the way to go. SW do you have thoughts on changing the transmission fluid? There are differing opinions online but I am torn. I cannot imagine Toyota advising that the transmission is sealed if there were going to be problems before 200K, and my dealer will essentially not change
  8. Ive done all of that except the trans flush. Why hasn't the dealer mentioned that and why is it not listed in the maintenance schedule?
  9. In 2008 it was mostly the UL models with that seat. My rags have about the same effect. :)
  10. Wow - 195K miles! I've been having nearly the same conversation with myself and I just hit 98K! I thought I would be replacing the struts etc., soon. Apparently not!
  11. Well.... I am at 98K miles now..... third set of tires.... and third set of brake pads.....still the first set of rotors. I am amazed that I still have this car.... and it is funny to read my posts from six years ago.
  12. This story is rather funny... but I feel I must share. I have had a 2008 ES for nearly seven years now.... and 100k miles. I really like the car, obviously. One of my only complaints has been the driver's seat..... the front of the seat, even when I have lowered the back of the seat bottom all the way down, and raised the front of the seat all the way.... still does not quite give me enough support under my thighs. I nearly traded the car this week. But after reviewing the trade in value, price of the new car and realizing my car looks exactly the same as when I bought it, I passed. I then th
  13. Michelin Defenders..... totally worth the money.
  14. Congrats on the new ride. Ive had mine about six years now and enjoy it more every year. I had satellite installed at the dealer about three years ago and it has worked flawlessly. There are always ways to do this or that but i like my dealer and do not have a lot of time so i generally go to them and they always help me when they can. I have almost 87k miles now..
  15. If those items are not excluded, then they should be covered. I have a 125k Platinum and I cannot tell you all of the odd items they have covered e.g., new hinges on my trunk.....and hinges are supposedly excluded. Good luck.
  16. My ES is about to turn five! I have nearly 72k miles and still love the ES. Too many trips from Indiana to Hilton Head! SW do you have a GS now? Thoughts on the new Michelin Defenders? You're my tire guy! Any news on the new NX from Lexus? We have a Rav and I really feel an NX300h could be right up our ally. I really do not want to wait until 2015 though. I just had the latest transmission reprogram completed Thursday and it really makes a diffence and makes the shifts a lot sharper. Okay - thanks all for keeping this thread alive so long! Regards
  17. The answer to your question is, no, it will not. With that said, I think you should be reading your owner's manual and following it directly. My car, which shares your engine, only requires a normal service, plus some filters and brake fluid change at 60K. Your plugs do not need changed until 120K. You are about to get ripped off. Follow your owner’s manual, change the filters yourself if you can and buy the other services separately if you can - just my two cents. Call other Lexus dealers if you want other opinions. Tom Wood Lexus in Indy is fantastic (Shanan or Dawn specifically...)
  18. My reading this post is rather timely, I just drove from Hilton Head Island to Indianapolis today. The trip was about 800 miles and the only three thoughts I had about the seats were A. the lumbar is perfect B. the pitch doesn't go far enough (meaning, I wish the back of the seat would go down further and the front higher - to crush me into a human taco), and C. changing from heated to cooled helped make the 12 hour drive more agreeable. I am 6'2" and the seats are just a dream compared to my former car, a 2007 Prius - you want to talk about uncomfortable.... I only owned the car for 16 month
  19. I drive mostly in the city - the brakes on my 08 lasted past 40K.
  20. Let me preface this by saying I could be absolutely wrong, and someone who actually knows will jump in and school me. But, I believe the Lexus dealer can plug in its laptop and either turn the sound on or off. I do not believe there is a volume control. I believe I remember them asking if I would like the beep on or off when I purchased my '08. This was five years ago, so my memory is not perfectly clear.
  21. It is nice to hear your thoughts on the car. It is interesting what different people notice about cars in general. I did not even look at the exhaust pipes.... I will now though! I also sat it one with NuLuxe and thought it seemed very nice. A lot nicer than the Softex I have seen in the Gen III Prius. Is it the same material, or is the NuLuxe nicer? Give us your review after you have a chance to drive it!
  22. I drove a 2012 E350 Mercedes a few weeks ago. I noticed that dash was also high, but it was not as shocking as the ES. But, I do not have the affinity for the Benz so that may have some effect on my opinion. I am the worst person to ask about handling as I drive about as slowly as anyone I know. If I had to make a call, the steering felt slightly tighter and the ride slightly firmer, but nothing drastic at all. The difference between Eco, Normal and Sport was much more noticeable. The biggest take away for me is the step-up in fit and finish and the quality of materials. It is the polar-oppo
  23. I test drove a 2013 ES350 today. I have been waiting on this car for some time as I have a 2008 ES350 and had high hopes of trading for the 2013. The '08 ES is the longest I have ever owned a car, because I like it so well. First impressions – the 2013 is gorgeous on the outside. It is somewhat similar to the 07-12 in person, especially from behind. The front looks great, and better in person than in print. The standard 17” wheels look like the 18” wheels from the marketing materials – much nicer than the 17” wheels that have been advertised. The interior feels MUCH higher in quality than the
  24. Damn. I absolutely love it. Starfire pearl/black interior ES300h please.
  25. Wow - it's been four years since I posed this question. I just turned 33, and love my 2008 ES more than I did four years ago. The ES now has 52K miles on it. This car is easy to live with, easy to grow with, and was an impressive choice by my 29 year old self! Prior to the ES, I never kept a car longer than 16 months. I still love cars, and test drive a lot – I haven’t found anything I like more than my ES. I’m hopeful for the 2013 ES hybrid, but I don’t think I will trade my car in regardless. For what it’s worth, you couldn’t pay me to be 29 again. I’ll post again when I turn 37 – and I a
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