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Life Of Battery In A New Is250

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My 2007 IS250 was purchased in November 2006. The battery is still going strong. Maintain it properly by checking the fluid level and only adding distilled water and it should typically last 6+ years.


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Rafiki - you don't have a maintenance free battery?

My 2007 IS250 came with a flooded Lead-Acid battery. It has six removable caps on the top where I can add distilled water as needed. This works fine for me. I check it once or twice a year, add a little water if needed, and give it a charge overnight. :)

On most of my vehicles, the battery usually lasts around 6 or 7 years. :cheers:

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Really? You're kidding...

I have never seen a Lexus ever come with a serviceable battery. In fact...I haven't even seen a serviceable battery in a car in YEARS other than a 99 New Beetle my mother had...which didn't have a maintenance free battery.

Thats really surprising. Does the battery say Lexus on it? Thats got to be an aftermarket battery the dealer put in there...

With a maintenance free battery anything past 5 years in life is really questionable, you just don't know when its going to loose a charge and leave you stranded somewhere. Batteries are cheap, I replace them every 3-4 years as a maintenance item,

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Battery life is also determined by the way you use the car. For example, many starting cycles, coupled with short trips (less then 15-20 minutes), will keep the battery below it's optimal charge spec. A cold climate shortens lifespan too.

Btw, the 2007 IS250 comes factory with a maintenance free battery and by lexus specs, lifespan is between 3-5 years.

Batteries are cheap, I replace them every 3-4 years as a maintenance item

would be a wise thing to do.


Rafiki; is this your battery? :lol:

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