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  1. Normally how long does the battery that comes with the IS250 last?
  2. Hi thanks for your reply, but I am positive the noise is not coming from the dash. I only hear the noise when the tachometer is moving.
  3. I have a 2007 IS250 and when starting up the car the tachometer makes a rattling sound, but as soon as the car starts the sound goes away. Sometimes I also hear it when I am driving but the sound is like a soft rattle. Does anyone know what is causing the noise or is this normal? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, 6.5 quarts is a good round number. I can save the half quart for the next oil change.
  5. Thank you! Next time I'll just pour in 7 quarts.
  6. The IS250 has a motor oil capacity of 6.7 quarts, would it be okay to just use 7 quarts? My problem is measuring of the 0.7 quarts and saving the remaining 0.3 quarts every time I changed the oil. Will it harm the engine if I use 7 quarts? Thanks
  7. Your car is looks really nice! I am planning to tint my car and just wondering what you have on yours? Do you think titanium window tint will look good?
  8. Thanks everyone for all your advise and recommendations.
  9. I just notice a nail in one of my rear tires. Does the Lexus new car warranty covers this type of repair. Thanks
  10. I think I did it on my '07 is250, but the beeping is still there when I start the car. Is that normal or is that beeping also suppose to go away?
  11. I heard this before. Is there any validity to that practice? Sure there is, especially if you reset the ECU prior to making that drive. I need help with this. Can you please elaborate? :) Well in the first place we used to blow the carbon etc out of motors by driving at high speeds. Since that isn't all that safe etc you can do the same thing by gearing down and running somewhat high RPM without having to drive 100 plus mph. I think that even with high tech engines and good gas that over time there is some buidup that can be somewhat cleared this way. For instance if a car
  12. Is time a factor? I probably average about 5000 miles a year, can I change my oil once a year or should it be every 6 months?
  13. Does anyone know if Lexus Obsidian Black has single stage paint or clear coated?
  14. Thank for the info. Now I know my car okay. :D
  15. Jay, Go to this website. Also. you do not have to remove the engine cover to change the oil.
  16. Usually when I turn on the head lights, the instrument light will dim but sometimes it does not. Does the IS250 have a sensor that tells it not to dim if the outside ambient light is bright?
  17. This site should help:
  18. I have a 2007 IS250 and I live in Southern California where the temperature is usually warm. Lexus recommends using 5w-30 grade for motor oil, but is it okay to use 10w-30? Also, I was looking to purchase an oil filter wrench for removing the filter housing cap but was not able to find one. Longo Lexus dealer said they do not carry it. Does anyone know where I can find one, even an aftermarket one is fine. What size should I look for? And is there a difference in the oil filter cap between the 2006 and 2007 IS250?
  19. Thank you for your reply. I will set my vent system with your instructions.
  20. On my 2007 IS 250, I usually drive with the fan set on low and set with the fresh air vent mode without AC. I would turn of the car with the setting leaving the settings as is. But when I start the car the next day, it switches to recirculation mode and I have to manually switch back to fresh air mode. Is this normal or is there a way to keep the same settings same as when the car was turn off?
  21. I have a '07 IS250 only 3 months old and a rattling noise is coming from the left hand corner of the windshield. It is sometimes quite loud. I don't want to have the dealer check it because I'm afraid they will take the dash apart to look for the noise. I'm sure if they do, other problems will develop.
  22. Okay so I went back yesterday to place my order and all you TP owners.. you are absolutely right! The black sapphire was indeed beautiful but I ended up bringing my new tungsten pearl baby home! ^_^ Congrats to you. Tungsten pearl is super nice!
  23. What is the difference between Black Sapphire Pearl and Obsedian? blue vs. black Thanks for the clarification. I had problem telling the difference from looking at the color chart.
  24. What is the difference between Black Sapphire Pearl and Obsedian?
  25. Let it sit in the sun if you can to help the tint cure. It can take a week or so for them to disappear. I know for me my car sits in a big garage every day so the last time I got tint it took a few weeks for them to disappear. But I think it also depends on how bad the bubbles were to start with. Do you know if the installer had any difficulty when installing the tint on the rear window? Just wondering since it looked very tight back there.
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