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Cd Player Broke... Can I Change Out Nav Cd?

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I just bought a 06' GS 300AWD with Mark Levinson stereo... When hitting the CD change button, etc, I get disc error msg and a odd squeal. Sounds like something is bad but the Navigation still works. It probably has to do with the loading device.

Is there a way to change out the disc manually? I have the recent map disc and would really like it loaded. I don't care about using other CD's really. Being able to watch a DVD would be nice but I can live without. Especially once the MediaLinq Plus comes out (viastech).

Anybody have any advice?

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Your navigation disk is in a separate drive in the top right corner of your glove box. Your audio CD's are in a separate CD changer in the center stack. Your navigation manual has instructions on how to eject the navigation CD and install a new one. Be sure the glove box door is open when you do it.

If you don't have a navigation manual you can view it online at . There is no need to register to see the manuals but you might as well.

Have you had a Lexus dealer look at your CD changer problem? It might be something simple and even covered under warranty.

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