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Timing Belt

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my timing belt belt broke on my 99 rx 300. i will do the work. my question is how do i make sure my camshaft and crankshaft is aligned. do i rotate them individually until i hit the mark. if not how i will do it before i install the new timing belt. at the moment im stuck with removing the harmonic balancer bolt which is a pain in the butt. i have use the 1/2 impact tool but i am now looking for a 3/4 impact tool. i need all the help i can get to make sure my timing is not off when i install the new belt.

Thank you


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I had to rent a 3/4" impact wrench to remove the crank bolt on a '95 Avalon - I feel your pain :angry: The manual clearly explains how to line up the belt, crank pulley and camshaft pulleys. I would closely inspect the belt tensioner - it may be on its last legs. If you were diligent about keeping the radiator fluid clean, your water pump should be okay.

Good luck!


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