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  1. Just to make it clear, if you're just replacing a noisy antenna you don't have to remove the motor or any interior trim. The replacement antenna can be installed from outside the vehicle by sending the nylon tooth strip down the antenna mounting hole - there's a procedure for doing that involving turning the radio on and off. If your replacement antenna won't go all the way down, it's probably because a piece of the the old nylon strip is broken and left inside - you'll have to remove the motor to fix that. Do not cut off a piece from the new antenna strip to make it fit. Check to see if yo
  2. I still have my original RX-300 rotors at 110,000 miles. I changed my brake pads at 60K and am only on my second set.
  3. "Clogged shut.." does not seem good even if you did fix the problem.
  4. Mine was rebuilt for $4300 w/2yr warranty. Repairs are cheaper than payments.
  5. Somehow something just isn't right there ^^^^^^! This compressor isn't being delivered late at night by a guy named Vinnie who looks around to see if anybody is watching is it??? Could you share the source with us? Most of the time when something doesn't seem right, it's because it isn't. (got this new 2011 RX that I'll sell for $15,000. just because I'm in a bind and need the money. By the way, I need it in small bills to pay off all of my creditors, and Oh, another thing, they said the title would be here in about 3 mo., the DMV is kinda backed up). There are actually CHEAPER ones on e
  6. Breaking that stud the way it broke is pretty common on this car. You also could have used one of those extractors that looks like a spark plug socket to get it off too.
  7. Lexus will only give you "good will" if you have the repair done by a dealer. The transmission dipstick sticker says "lifetime" transmission fluid but Lexus tries to pretend that doesn't exist.
  8. It actually looks pretty clean. Penzoil Ultra is another alternative - but it's hard to find.
  9. There's a video posted in another thread titled "00 Rx300 Timing Belt Timing Alignment" showing how to do it.
  10. It hooks on to the bottom of the battery tray. There's a hook at the end of the rod - try turning it around and hooking it into the tray.
  11. I've used rotors from Brembo (who is a big name brake system manufacturer) and haven't had any problems with them.
  12. There's no warning sound. It runs fine until it just stops going forward one day. Your best protection is to offer $5,000 less for the vehicle to cover the replacement cost down the line.
  13. Don't even bother with a test, you need a new battery. Very common symptom with Lexus. Even Walmart has a battery for Lexus - with a decent warranty.
  14. When you do the original install, the three belt marks will line up with the marks on the crankshaft pulley and the two camshaft pulleys (just like yours do). After turning the crankshaft two turns, only the timing marks on the two camshaft pulleys have to line up with their corresponding marks on the cover. The lines on the belt don't apply any more - they're just for the initial installation to make sure you didn't put any slack in the wrong place or mis-installed the belt. You'd have to turn the crank dozens of times to get all three belt marks to line up again. The shop manual describe
  15. My transmission guy wouldn't even put a remanufactured unit in. He rebuilt the failed transmission's parts claiming that there are so many variations in Lexus transmissions that the computer might not sync with a different unit. Based on that - I wouldn't put any hope on installing a 5 speed in it.
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