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Help Please On Starting The Car

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Hi there,

I have a rx300 1999. Recently there is a problem. when i turn the ignition key, all the lights on the panel are normal but the starter is not cranking. After a couple of tries, it will start usually. My wife said it helps if she step on the gas. The problem comes and goes. Any one overthere has similar issues? Any suggestions or comments?

I have another lexus sc300 1995. It has a similar problem recently.

thanks in advance!


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The 1st thing you need to check are the connections on the battery. Pull the cables off and use a battery post cleaning tool (a part to clean the + and - posts) to clean the inside of the cable ends and the posts on the battery. Then retighten well. If it still acts the same (which I suspect it will), take a hammer and "jar" the starter motor (it's easy to see right above the transmission case) while your wife HOLDS the key in START position. If it starts then, it is almost for certain the contacts in the starter solenoid. That is a very common problem with even a Lexus when it hits a 100k mi or more. The contacts get severely burned from the load of starting. Toyota now sells these parts, as well as aftermarket sources. They are quite inexpensive and there is a 99% chance you don't need a starter, just those contacts in the solenoid. Stepping on the gas has nothing to do it starting, that is strictly coincidental. As a matter of fact, on ALL current cars, you SHOULDN'T step on the gas, they are designed to start and run properly without your foot near the throttle, and indeed they will.

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