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Gx470 Oem Navigation System

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Hi all,

this is my first message/question on your forum and may be my question may seem strange for you, but in any case I will start.... :blushing:

I have GX470 2005 with preinstalled by factory OEM Navigation System with a/c control from touch screen etc., like in below mentioned picture: 889a20f5125ft.jpg. But due to some inconvenience like as odd USA range of radio frequencies (in Ukraine used "full" odd and even range of radio frequencies) and inability to use factory navi due to lack of detailed discs with Ukraine maps I would like to make a "back step" and uninstall factory OEM Navi for the next installation aftermarket head unit which already fully adapted for the Ukraine radio frequencies and IGO8 navi.

In this regard I have a question: can I install by myself just "plug to plug" climate a/c control as in below photo instead of my touch screen??? d43bec925989t.jpg

And whether it will work correctly???

If it's possible to do and climate control will work correctly, please give me a climate control part number for searching/buying

Thanks in advance for your help and answers...

P.S. Sorry for my poor English

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Share on other sites shows several part numbers for the 2005 GX470 non-navigation HVAC control but I found only part number 55900-60831 on . See the attached image.

I can not tell you if it is plug and play. It is plug and play on some Lexus models. For example, a number of people have installed aftermarket navigation systems in the 98-05 GS with factory navigation by using an HVAC control module from a non-navigation GS.

Maybe forum member dcfish can tell you. I doubt if you find many people or even anyone who has done what you want to do. Wiring diagrams might tell you if you have access to them.


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