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95 Es300 Few Problems Wanna Solve.

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Hey been having a few issues with my 95 es300 just want to try to resolve them any help would be appreciated.

1. The back passenger floor is wet. It rained heavily yesterday and i'm guessing it's due to that. When i bought this car last year the floors were wet too. I'm not seeing where the water is coming from but I've been reading about the water drains in the sun roof and elsewhere might be clogged so if that happens the water would seep into the car?

2. Coolant it seems every few weeks mybe once a month or two I have to add more coolant. The temps will start to rise while i'm driving. am i supposed to add more that often? Also with the coolant reservoir isn't it supposed to be a backup if the car needs more coolant it sends it to the radiator? because it's always at max even though i'll need to add more to the radiator.

Any help would be much appreciated. thanks

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There are 4 sunroof drains that if clogged will allow the water to back up in the drain channels leading to them, and then water will leak into the car. Your back seat floor area water means that the rear drain on that side of the car is the most likely culprit. The usual fix is to blow the drain tube out with compressed air using a long extension on a blower that has been tucked back into the rear channel.

If that doesn't succeed, you'll have to pull the side corner of the rear bumper cover out from the body of the car, to find the other end of the drain tube and blow the air through it from there.

The last alternative is to drop the headliner out of the car to get at the tubes. Most dealerships/garages have had to deal with these things for years, so they know how to go about it, if you're not so inclined.

As for the coolant going down, you have a leak somewhere, and you must find it before it gets bad enough that you burn up the engine before you notice the problem has accelerated. Read ...very expensive! It may be a simple leak from a bad radiator hose or loose fitting. Check under the car for coolant puddles, in the engine compartment for obvious wet areas. If it is an external leak you should be able to smell the sweet coolant. But if its an internal engine leak, like a blown head gasket, you are looking at some dollars to fix. Regardless, track down the minor problem before you destroy the motor. Good Luck!

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