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  1. thanks guys yea i managed to find those two sites :-) proud owner of a 2007 camry se now. only downside is i don't have a lexus anymore and i love this forum you guys have been very helpful. I appreciate all the help and maybe i'll be back someday. or stop in every now and then and try to help someone with my car. thanks guys for all the help.
  2. Hey i'm looking for a toyota forum that wouldd be good to post like this one is geared towards lexus's. interested in buying a camry just want to get some input. thanks.
  3. you can get those books at autozone. i don't know if you have one or not.
  4. well LL me and my friend forgot to take a bunch of pictures but the railing and manifold were out of the way had plenty of space to access both knock sensors, the only thing we didn't do was remove the hose that was going across the manifold in between both knock sensors if we did it probably would have helped. but the knock sensors are at an awkward angle that you should easily be able to use pliers on but we couldn't get that to work so had to go buy a big wrench or something if i recall correctly. but i'm sure if we had removed everything it would've been slightly easier but in turn take us longer.
  5. yea true guess i'll definitely have to take it somewhere. see if my mechanic can get me the codes. i think both of the ABS codes are pointing to my right front tire area. since 36 claims it could be left rear or front right. and the front right already has the 31 code. be nice to get rid of that. abs and check engine ah a dream it would be lol.
  6. i saw this link http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=58055 if i follow that under abs my two codes are. 31 - Front right wheel speed sensor signal malfunction 36 - Open circuit in front right or rear left speed sensor circuit also i'm seeing these tutorials on resetting the airbag light on LS400's do you know if this could work for me since i should have the TC and AB under the diagnostics port. but i don't know. don't want to risk it. http://www.lextreme.com/airbaglight.html http://www.lexls.com/tutorials/lighting/airbaglight.html
  7. replaced the ECM and chek engine light still came on dammit :-/ guess i'll return it and go back to the drawing board blah. BoAr i tried the diagnostics thing you said. couldn't find it in my manual but i just followed what you posted. i got two error codes 31 and 36. i don't know what they mean though LOL.
  8. LL do you actually have a lexus hanes manual? the one i have is a toyota camry hanes manual for models 92-96 i believe. and since those models for those years use the same engine as the 95 ES300 and so do the Toyota Avalons. so i go off of that manual everything i've looked into that manual for has matched up with my car. and you said you can't seem to take the rail off without bending? i'm not so savvy in the mechanic terms but me and my friend didn't have much problems taking apart the manifold the rail and it's injectors i believe we left alone and shifted it to the side. unless our engines are different or i'm thinking about something else. you should be able to just move it out of the way. I didn't take the best pictures sorry but basically when we got to a certain point not everything needed to be taken apart just needed to be shifted out of the way. man i really don't feel like doing the wiring harness :-/ i should've done it at the time but i'm learning as i go along.
  9. Ouch that's a lot. well dealer prices are usually more expensive given the fact that a Lexus is a luxury car and on top of that you have an older model which is either harder to make now or harder to find. ECU? the Engine Control Unit or Control Module? or does it have to do with your abs or something? On ebay i bought my ECU-ECM for 90 bucks for my 95 es300. it's not new but should be working fine. best bet would be ebay just find out the part number for your ECU and look it up online.
  10. I do have a Hanes manual sometimes i forget i have it even though i use it all the time. yea i've teared Down my manifold LL with a friend to replace the knock sensor with a new one. but i didn't replace the wiring harness. took us 5 hours to take it out and put it back together. the angle the knock sensor was in was a pain to remove had to go buy an extra tool for it. But yea still got the code, might be my wiring harness but i'm too lazy to tear it down again and do that part :-/ but if i must i guess i'll try. so i have 4 O2 sensors? and the code i got for the one thats right in front of the engine and i've replaced that. so i don't know. seems like these error codes aren't going away no matter what I and LL have done :-/ but i'll try reading the abs code today. thanks BoAr your help is really appreciated and thanks for the info also LL.
  11. well my car does have an OBDII port. supposedly ES300's later 95 models had those implemented. I've used my friends scanner on it and reset the codes also. I only get two error codes now initially i got 4 one was O2 sensor 0135 Knock sensor 0325 i believe, and the speed sensors in the tranny. but once i reset it only those 2 codes come back the knock and o2. I have already replaced the knock sensor, and the O2 sensor. cleared the codes and they come back within 24 hours. So that's why i'm trying the ECU since i've replaced both sensors already and used the OBDII scanner to check the codes. I don't get any codes for the ABS nor the airbag light. I guess I would need something else for that or a better OBDII scanner. that would reall help though. i'll look into buying another. at least with the ECU i can return it if the codes come back :-/
  12. Hey, yea i'm hoping the slim chance is correct because then if it's not that's more work into resolving the knock sensor and O2 sensor check engine light. what would i need to read off the abs/airbag light error code? obd2 doesn't work for it unless i need one of those fancy onces you hook up to the computer? My ECU came in today but was raining so i'll do it Saturday. This car only has two. i tried looking for more before. :-/
  13. thanks for responding. my car doesn't have a (!) light. just a light that says ABS. I'll look at the sensors around the wires and see if they need to be cleaned or something i do need new struts maybe that could be causing it also? for the airbag yea that seems to be a lot of things that can set it off :-/ i saw a tutorial for resetting it for an sc400 and they claimed the es300 could be done too but the placement for those connectors were on the other side of the car near the ECU area. Um i feel like i've tried all my other options for the O2 sensor because I had cleaned it first, then i had replaced it it was a splice job with a bosch one but followed it to the t... one mechanic told me i probably need one directly from toyota but i don't know. I also had replaced the knock sensor and the error code still appears. I was hoping changing the ECU would resolve the issue because one mechanic told me they can go bad and of course they're supposed to monitor the engine and replacing it would probably get rid of both those codes. I think the car only has two O2 sensors i've checked in the haynes manual and other places and only seems to be 2 before the cat and after. Guess one of these days i'll have to take it to a lexus dealership and see if they can get rid of these problems for me. hopefully not too expensive :-/
  14. your best bet would be a lexus dealership. they would be the best place to try to resolve that issue for you. in terms of the abs light. i have it on my car also. but my wire didn't tear. seems to be how it is for abs light and airbag light usually when those come on and stay on best way to remove them is to go to the lexus dealers. but i don't know if there's anything else you could try. but hopefully someone else here could help you.
  15. ordered an ECM on ebay. Hopefully this resolves my problem. if it doesn't then i should be able to return it.