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A/c Auto Switch


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I was wondering if anyone out there knows how to disable the A/C button when I turn it to the "Auto" setting. It bothers me cuz everytime I switch it from off to low it passes by Auto and it turns the A/C on and I have to hit the button every time.

I had the same problem with my old 01 civic and was able to disable a similar feature.

Thanks in advance.


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Well I understand that is how you turn the A/C on and off but my frustration is that everytime I turn the Fan switch to off and then turn it to low it passes by Auto and it turns the A/C on automatically when I dont want it to.

There has to be a way to avoid the unneccessary A/C turning on.

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What you do is turn your key to 2nd position (position right before you start your car). Put the Fan knob on Auto (w/ the A/C light on) and put the the middle knob on fresh (air from ouside). Now, push both buttons in at the same time and hold them in. When you do this it will turn the A/C off and put the air to recycle mode. Keep holding the buttons in and turn the key to the off position and then turn the key back to the 2nd position and wait until the beeping sound stops.

Tada, its fixed. If you turn your Fan knob to off and back to Auto the A/C doesnt come on.

If you do the opposite, it will make the A/C come on by default.

Basically, its just like my 01 Civic haha. Pretty nice. Anyways, enjoy!

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