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Newbee Rescuing A 92 With 245,000

Jon Bladefoot

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Let me introduce my self,My name is Jon Bladefoot from Tucson AZ.My father has a 1991 with only 100k and bee u t full!I had a failed back surgery when i was 29,and since then(10 yrs.)Ive turned and burned cars and trucks as money and my back would provide to keep myself from going stark raving madd(medically retired at 29-no one ever prepares you for that!)But ive been home bound mostly due to the fact that all of the cars and trucks ive handled have beat me up after only 10 miles of driving,(I was a driver in my previous life)Until i drove my Dads to Phoenix and back and for the first time in 10 yrs i didnt have to pop morphine for 2 days after,Soo I bought what my dissability could afford,A 1992 LS 400 with all the bells for $800 With that said im now 2200 in to her for repairs(mostly front suspension,the rims and tires i stole off craigs for only $400 and they were new)Her paint is horrible but that can wait as i need the AC first!Which brings me to my first question-I need the part number for the blockvalve or reg.valve for the AC or if anybody has one they want to shoot my way I would be ever thankful!!!With that done i could finally be able to roam freely since i started this in December.I cant wait to put another 100,000 on her as motor wise shes like new!and the tranny shifts without hesitation.

I think im in good hands here as all ive seen here is a real love for what all i can say is a perfect car-and thats saying alot as ive moved some 30 cars in 10 yrs out of my carport(all kinds)and none have been able to give me the freedom like this beautiful automobile!

Thanks Jon

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