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94 Ls400 Transmission Fluid Change?

Larry W

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I have 115K on my 94 LS 400. I have pretty much serviced most of this car and am still wondering about the transmission service. Local tranny shop said to leave it alone if I'm not having a problem. Some of the more "senior" members on the LOC seem to agree. What does Lexus recommend? It shifts fine with no issues, but I don't want any trouble down the road as I plan on having this vehicle for sometime to come. Local flush at the dealer is $125 and I know they would use the correct fluid. Is there a replaceable filter on this trans? I was told its a metal filter and a flush is really all that is required. Any recommendations? I live in Fort Lauderdale and the heat index for the past few days has been 105-110 degrees. Am I worried about nothing as this trans seem to be "bullet proof"?

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Servicing the trans is easy, and always a good idea. Just drain the two and bit litres that are removed with the drain plug, and refill. Do that every now and then - I did it every third oil change on both cars for a couple of years - and that's it. No need to remove the pan or do a "power flush".

The idea that the fluid shouldn't be changed is a myth whose origin I cannot explain. But it is promoted for some reason.

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