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Fixing Hard Overheating Problems

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crybaby.gif I have a 1993 lexus es300. Ihave had it since 2008 and have had lots of small problems .My first problem was solved with help frome this forum change the efi relay solved my hard to start hot problem which is why I must inform my friends here. My car had been running good freash tune up with the works. Well i had to drive frome baltimore md to lancaster va, about half way there i started running hot by the time i arrived there i was in the red.On the way back my top radiator hose bust i was past red i would pull over to let it cool off an hour and 15 minnets of driving in the red that fast i parked in a mr tire shop and was told nothing could be done my head gasket was blown towed the car the rest of the way home $250 worth .Finnaly at home to other shops same results blown head gasket. I was on the phone trying to buy a new engine when the guy up the street who have worked on cars all his life cheked out the car pirate.gif He told me nothing was wrong with my engine he said that lexus uses the strongest head gaskets in cars today he took a hammer and started banging under the car the temp guage fell back to normal half waycheers.gif i couldnt beleave it he said my catalytic converter was clogged tight and red hot the exhaust had no were out but through the engine causing it to heat up way befor the ecu could cool it down and by tapping on the converter loosend it up just enough to stop the overheatinggeek.gif I put lexe in the shop he sent me to and it was confermed so befor spending big buks on new engine check your catalytic converter.smile.gif
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Are there any other indicators that will let you know if your catalytic converter is clogged? I have a 2000 ES300 with 168k miles and it overheats on a hot day with the A/C on full blast on the freeway. Once I turn off the A/C, the gauge goes back down to normal range. I have taken the car in, but the mechanic cannot duplicate the problem. I've thought of flushing the coolant (since it needs it anyway) and possibly changing the thermostat, gasket, o-ring and radiator cap at the same time. No check engine lights. I was just fortunate that I looked at my temperature gauge as the needle started getting close to the red mark. Could have been dangerous for my engine.

Also, it amazes me that car manufacturers do not connect any audible warnings when the temperature rises above the safe zone. I guess they want to sell more cars or more replacement engines??

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