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1999 Lx470 Power Window Trouble


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:( We discover some problems with the power window on my wife 99 lx470 since we bought it last year. First, the power window on the front passenger go up all the way then automatically go down for about 6-8 inches. Second, the power windows on both of the rear are so weak when they go up, especially in the cold. I have to physically assist the glass up with pushing the up button at the same time. Anyone out there know how to correct the problem? Thank you very much.

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I can't speak for your the front widowdemon, but I did have slow "up" motion on all four of my windows. Not that I care about the passenger or the people in the backseats, but it was almost embarrassing at the drive-up window at my favorite coffee stop!!

I replaced the battery which was 3 1/2 years old with a new one and that cured it. Remember to clean the cables if you change the battery.

Also get the most CCA you can find. Mine is 950 cold cranking amp.


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I took off the door panel a couple of months ago and put some moly grease on the internals (drive gear, channel tracks etc..) and used some silicone grease sprayed (supposedly doesn't cause rubber to expand) in the rubber weather stripping channels where the windows slide. All-in-all moderate improvement but not quite what I was hoping for. After a tip on another site, I went back in and re-did using Lubrimatic marine wheel bearing grease on the metal parts and tried to do a more thorough job on with the silicone spray in the rubber channels. Window goes down real good, goes up moderately good, but much better than before (which was kind of painful to watch). I'm satisfied now.


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