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95 Misfire/hesitation While Accelerating

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My 1995 LS400 just started jumping under normal acceleration, it feels like its misfiring. This only happens when the car is at normal operating temperature and under light accel , the car runs fine when cold or 70%+ throttle. The check engine light has not come on so cant get a code.

The plugs and wires were changed about 20k ago, the only thing i can think of is I ran the car out of gas (coasted into the gas station) about 2 months ago but it hasnt shown any problems until today so im not sure if thats even related.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, the car is parked until I can figure out whats wrong because I dont want anything to get damaged any further.

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There's a problem with the air/fuel mix. This could be indeed related to the 'running out of gas'.

- clogged fuel filter (caused by debris from bottom tank)

- Dirty fuel injectors

- your MAF sensor is slightly off, caused by air impurities, still not enough (yet) to set off faultcodes.

- Sparks and wiring you checked, I assume these are OK.

Although I have not any experience myself re. cleaner additives, some book good results with them, so it might be a try. Perhaps other members can share their experience and thoughts re. cleaners and results.

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