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Ls 400 Broken Into. Need Help


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I'm new to the forum, and need some advise from those wiser then me on LS stuff.

About a week ago when on a pleasure/business trip into Los Angeles my car a 91 LS400 was broken into. I had parked in a large public park in the Valley Area. They smashed the rear passenger window, and cleaned out the stuff in the car. They took the front door switches. Looks like they tried to get the stereo and climate control unit. Everything in the center counsel is messed up. Climate control unit. Radio/tape unit, air vents, even the ash tray.

Anyone ever have this stuff stolen from them? Why would they try to still that stuff?

Also small marks on steering wheel by air bag. looks like they started on that also. Now airbag light is on!. Took car to the body shop insurance company wants me to use. They told me I need to pay to have car taken to Lexus dealer to have Air bag codes read and fixed as they can't read codes!

I'm thinking if they can't work on the air bag system do I want them working on other stuff???? What do you guys think.

Anyone have thoughts about replacing the Climate control unit and stereo. Both still work but are now messed up. On climate control LCD is smashed and top of unit is scratched. Bottom is dented (i think). They also broke smashed the top of the stereo over the tape player part.

Anyone know a good place for discounted parts...

I'm feeling very uneasy about this shop...

Any ideas on getting the really small slivers of glass out of the car. I have shopped vacuumed the daylights out of it, but I keep fining them. They are ungodly sharp and needle like.

I thank you all for your help.

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Sorry to hear that happened, i can't even imagine.

Sounds like they tried to take anything they could, the parts they did take will probably most likely end up on ebay :unsure:

I would file a claim with insurance, let the body shops and Lexus dealer take care of everything. I understand the shops concern with the airbag issue, personally if insurance is covering the cost i would WANT the lexus dealer helping with the airbag problem.

Just let them fix everything and try not to worry about it. If they replace everything that was damaged, all is well.

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The problem you are going to have is the parts in question, new, are incredibly expensive. So much so that your insurance company may opt to total the car. Lexus can't even get a new radio unit anymore, but the climate control is just under $1000 by itself. Add the other missing/damaged pieces in and you're well into half the car's current value. You'd be better off buying it all used from a salvage yard and save the hassle of dealing with the insurance company.

As for the body shop questioning the airbag system, they probably just don't have the reset tool needed to turn the airbag light off. There is a way to reset it without the tool but it's not a procedure anyone will do for you, so the dealer is your only option unless you find another shop locally who has the tool.

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You my friend, are screwed, On a 1991 Lexus LS400, they (Ins Co)are going to hang you out to dry and I am sorry to say that there isn't much you can do about it. I've had it happen with old cars and it brings back horrible memories of the movie "Deliverance" from how they treated me.

I just paid my personal property taxes on my other 3 cars but didn't get a bill for my 90 LS400. I sent my wife over to the city treasuers office to inquire (and avoid a late penalty) and they told her that vehicles valued at under $1000 had no tax and my car was under a G. Take that for what it is worth because I'm willing to bet the insurance companies will. I suggest that the trama caused you abnormal duress, loss of sleep, work, etc. and sue them with one of those hucksters you see on TV.

Had a car stolen outright in Brooklyn once. A nice 69 Barracuda.

In other cases I have had my car broken into to steal a radar detector, but they didn't tear up my car except to smash the passenger side window. Zip on that. If I were you I would watch ebay and craigslist in your area and I'll bet you find the law-challenged individuals that did this. I've people caught this wasy in Norfolk before and I'm sure that it might by you. Hey just remember that criminals are dumb ***** and do stupid stuff.

Good luck,


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