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Wind Noise Mp3 What Your Ls Should Sound Like.

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I am surprise noone else reply to this post. So is what I hear is with the wind noise or NO wind noise. My deal did the glass and trim fix, but I still hear wind. I went back in and they replaced both the triangles and my car sound just what I hear on the mp3. So it the noise normal?

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I think you are wanting us to tell you that you don't have the infamous wind noise problem. That's pretty hard to do. I think the better answer is: What do you think? Do you think you have a wind noise problem? The cars are so exceptionally quiet when they don't have the wind noise problem that no reasonable person would think there is a problem when there isn't a problem. So, if you are unsure then it is likely that your car has a problem. The trim must be repaired carefully, in a very conservative manner to attain the sensation of total isolation from outside noises. A very conservative trim repair method that has yielded superior results for many DIYers is detailed at: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/ls460-ls460l-and-ls600h/506217-instructions-for-the-jmcraney-wind-noise-fix.html

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