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  1. LOL, nothing like good advice huh? Calm down you seemed stressed..Hope your Phaeton is OK..
  2. I wouldn't lose sleep over it seems that the car is safe. Banging noise to you may be a popping noise to others. If it is something worth solving give it time it should get worse or maybe go away.
  3. Best way to tell is used this site it tells you how long they have been for sale.
  4. Interesting I would sure like to hear the other side of this story. This is not normal for Lexus CS. Still no help for the OP.
  5. It's the pursuit of perfection not we are perfect. BTW Denso is the main electronics manufacture for Lexus, if it were Siemens or Bosch you might have real problems to complain about.
  6. Did a test drive today, nice car just as fast as the 460 with the turbo V6 (300hp) I would think the V8 would be faster. Rides a little stiffer on bumps(ultimate driving machine) flatter on turns, more noise, wind, tire, outside. Not bad though, the biggest thing is that it really felt like a step down, the 7 is really the competition to the 460.
  7. Couple of things first, are your wheels and tires stock? I
  8. You might pay more for a service contract from Lexus but think of the hassle free time you will have if you have to use it. Who wants to worry over the fine print.
  9. Good point. We are encouraged to change our oil every 3-6 months, regardless of mileage, which I feel is ridiculous. What's the difference between oil sitting in a can on a shelf, and oil sitting in the crankcase in your garage? I change oil based on mileage only....usually every 5000 miles or so. The difference between oil in a can and oil in your crankcase is that there is no water in the oil in the can. Internal combustion produces carbon monoxide and water; you may even see some water coming out of your tailpipe. That water can get into your crankcase, and if it sits there long enou
  10. I have been checking it all out. And researching online, proces in North Carolina seem to be falling for hte 07 models...or dealers are just ready to move the used ones. I have not purchased yet....but working dealer to $32 out the door incld tax, fees, etc...he is about ready to give in...thanks! Sounds like it doesn't have Nav package.
  11. Seems to me the LS holds over 9 quarts of dino juice. Also it has a cannister-type filter, probably takes longer to swap out than the spin-on type most other cars have. Whit 20 minutes with a set of ramps. Quicker than going to the dealer.
  12. Instructions are in section 4-3, Do-it-yourself maintenance, of the 07 LS460 owners manual starting on page 525. I just looked at the instructions in the Owners section of the Lexus corporate website. Instructions for changing the optional rear A/C filter follow the instructions for the front filter. It is not necessary to register on the Lexus website to view and search owners manuals. Make sure ng it out.
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