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Hi All,

This is on a 2002 ES300 and a 2006 RX400h.

I just observed that after the car came back from the last service at the dealer (about 2months back), they inflated the tires about 7-10psi more than what was recommended on the door jamb.

The 400h came back with 10psi more! (40 instead of 30) and the es300 had 37 all around.

Any particular reason the dealer over inflated on both cars?

I brought it down to about a pound more than the sticker (thinking long distance rolling for weekly 200mile round trips).

Any tips surely appreciated.


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The people at dealerships working on cars aren't exactly brain surgeons and tire jockeys are usually towards the bottom of the food chain.

I had a set of Michelin MXV4 tires installed at the nearby Lexus dealer about three or four weeks ago. It was a bad enough experience with my having to tell them to take my car back into their shop to replace a damaged wheel weight they had just installed.

I drove out of the Kansas City Lexus dealer's complex (Superior Lexus at 103rd and State Line) and parked on the street to check tire pressures. The tire pressures were all over the map on the high side with none of them being within seven pounds of the recommended pressure. I bled the pressures down to just above the recommended pressure as I had done a number of times in the past.

Your experience is not unusual.

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