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Lexus Es 300 Disk Changer


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Ok... I have a 1993 lexus es 300...it has a 6 disk changer in it and one day i got out of my car and went in somewhere and for some reason when i came back out and started it, the disk changer wouldn't eject the cassette or play. The remote said ' - - - - ' and then ' E - 4 ' and it still won't work. Any suggestions?


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lexus cd changers that model dont give error code numbers and they are mounted in the trunk not the glovebox so yours must be the rf modulated type. any rf modulated will replace it. if you dont have a cd button on the lexus radio you would have to switch radios to cd button type to be able to install a lexus factory cd changer. you would have to also run a cd changer cable because a lexus without a cd button on the radio were not prewired. it is doable to turn your system into factory cd changer system. it is all plug in and play with no wires to splice and no trapping into the electrical system.

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