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Pick Up My '01 Ls430 Tomorrow!


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I finally found the LS430 I wanted for the right price. An '01 White EXT, gorgeous CA Walnut Wood (I do not like the Birds Eye Maple or the U/L Gray) , Mark Lev/Nav, Tan Interior. And all these were must haves. Icing on the cake includes Premium 17 Inch wheels and Gold emblems, although I'm more of a chrome guy but I'm not complaining. Man, I've been looking for this for the right price for well over a yr. There was always one must have feature missing or the price was way too high.

Wanting to pay less than $40K but knowing it didn't look like it was going to happen soon (especially with all my must haves) I seized a $43K LS430 at Carmax, transporting it from a GA Store. But the incredible news is that it only has 12,805 mi on it. WOW, practically new and $18K less than the originl MSRP - and with no lux! NOT BAD. Traded in my '98 GS300 for it and Carmax is being very generous with the trade - $26K difference (excluding Tax, Tile transfer).

I tell ya, Its amazing that where I live, these money-hoarding dealers are still trying to sell 01 LS430's with Mark Lev/Nav for $46-$49K and thats with models that have over 20K miles on them!

I gotta admit though, this car with all its bells and whistles is intimidating. And I'm not use to a big car although a member did point out that it not a big as a 745i or an S500. The GOOD news is if I do feel she is in fact too much car for me, I have 5 days to get a full refund (with no per diem charge!) along with my GS.

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