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Gps Dvd Upgrade - Help


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I have a 2002 LS 430 and I upgraded the GPS from the data dvd 2001 v.1 org DATA dvd that came with the car to V4.1. The system is recognizing that the DVD is v 4.1 but nothing has changed. The maps, POI, addresses that are available are all the same. On the screen that shows the version of the DVD it says call you dealer for map info. So by replacing the data DVD V4.1 that does nothing or did I forget to do something? Also, how would I upgrade the maps to go with DATA v4.1 without going thru a Dealer? I also tried ejecting and reinserting the dvd several times but nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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The data is updated I'm sure, it may just be that in your area nothing new was added between v1.1 and v4.1. v4.1 is still 6 years old...

OK, Thanks Steve. I thought about that but then I would think there would be a difference (even if slight) in the Map graphics on screen but they look identical. I guess I need a later version to see changes.

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